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           Ijevan is a town located in the administrative center of Tavush Marz (province). The town is 135 km north from Yerevan and is on the foot of Idjevan Mountain range. It expands on both sides of Aghstev River. Forested mountains with alpine meadows surround the town. The town has warm and mild climate. Extremely cold weather is a rarity here. It snows usually in February, however the snow cover stays only once in a few year. The average temperature in August is about 28°C, and in January about 0°C. The annual precipitation is up to 563mm.
People in Ijevan are proud of the botanical garden, where a huge number of unique plant and tree varieties are collected. Annual sculptor festivals were organized in Ijevan from 1985 to 1990. The town park, where there are numerous rock sculptures of different authors from all over the world is in the center of town. Here one can enjoy the fresh air, walk through the alleys with interesting sculptures and relax. Ijevan mountains are covered by forests (about 60% of forests in Armenia are in this region). There are oak trees, ash trees, beeches, wild cherry trees, pomegranates etc. in Idjevan forests. Wild pears, plums, cornelian cherries as well as a variety of berries including raspberries and blackberries grow in these forests. The nature here has a very diverse fauna. There are bears, wild boars, bobcats, hares, and wolves etc. Many birds such as eagles and falcons also inhabit in Ijevan region. Ijevan is the northeastern gate to Armenia. One of automobile highways connecting Yerevan to Tbilisi passes through Idjevan. Because of its location the town has always had an important role for Armenia and is the link connecting Armenia to its northern neighbors. A major road, with a coaching inn, in Armenian 'idjevanatun', for trading caravans was crossing the outskirts of today's Idjevan. Historical studies came to prove, that this ancient 'idjevanatun' was on the left side of Aghstev River, 10km south from today's town, where the ruins of ancient bathhouse have been preserved to date.

Ijevan was famous for its carpet masters from old times: carpets made by these masters are outstanding with their colors and fine images. In the State History Museum of Armenia a few fine samples of ancient Ijevan carpets are exhibited. At the entrance to the town is the Ijevan wine factory, which is famous for its exceptionally tasty wines. One can take a tour here and observe the production process, taste wine and in case interested, buy wine right from the factory shop. Makaravank church is one of the places in Ijevan region which people visit the most. 

This beautiful obelisk, located in picturesque nature, amazes with its ancient beauty. There are many other churches, as well as many caves and waterfalls in Ijevan region.

"Mayisyan Kamurdj" hotel-restaurant is located in Ijevan-Noyemberyan and Ijevan-Berd highways intersection, 12 km far from Ijevan, near of Aghstev River. Nearby located Makaravank church and historic monuments of Kirants. Hotel complex has a luxurious hall (for 260 people), formed 16 elegant rooms, where you can settle with families. High quality and low prices of offered services will surprise you pleasantly.


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